Try the AUDIO-TECHNICA AW-KG NARU at Hi-End Asia Singapore 2023 AV Show

Prepare to be blown away by the exclusive showcase of the Audio Technica AW-KG-NARU headphones at the highly anticipated Hi-End Asia Singapore 2023 AV Show. These headphones are part of Audio-Technica's family of NARUKAMI line of high-end high-fidelity artisan products, made exclusively in Japan.

The Narukami headphones featuring beautifully finished ancient Kurokagi wood. Only 10 are available in the whole world.

What is Narukami?

In traditional Japanese culture, "NARUKAMI" refers to the god of thunder, and thunder is seen as a manifestation of the power of nature.

Named after "NARUKAMI", this headphone amplifier/pre-amplifier, "HPA-KG NARU" also strives for high-quality performance and sound. It incorporates the audio technology accumulated by Audio-Technica over the past sixty years and meticulously selected custom-made components.

The NARUKAMI product design language includes use of natural materials, such as reclaimed old timber as part of their products.

AW-KG-NARU Build and Construction

The AW-KG-NARU headphones belong to the closed-back dynamic type, ensuring optimal sound isolation and a more immersive listening experience. Equipped with a powerful 53mm driver, these headphones deliver extraordinary audio reproduction with remarkable precision and clarity.

The headphones weigh approximately 395 grams (14 ounces) without the cable, making them lightweight and comfortable for extended listening sessions.

One notable aspect of the AW-KG-NARU headphones is their impressive sensitivity rating of 102 dB/mW. This means that even with lower power input, you can enjoy a rich and detailed sound experience. The headphones cover an extensive frequency response range, spanning from 5 Hz to 45,000 Hz, allowing you to capture every subtle nuance of deep bass, and clean highs without ringing and distortion.

With a maximum input power of 2,000 mW and an impedance of 60 ohms, the AW-KG-NARU headphones with amps are capable of handling high power levels without distortion, ensuring a clean and accurate audio output. The A2DC connector jack provides a secure and reliable connection, minimizing signal loss and maintaining optimal audio quality.

The Headphone amp featuring the Lundahl transformer and Takatsuki TA300B tube (specially designed for A-T)

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Pursuing the Purity of Sound. Named after “鳴神 NARUKAMI”, Audio-Technica’s new flagship tube headphone amp, paired with a specially tuned headphones will be available for listening only at the HiEnd Asia Singapore 2023.

Using the Lundahl transformer and Takatsuki TA300B tube (specially designed for A-T), this headphone amp can be used as a pre-power amp to add sweetness and warmth to the whole hi-fi set up. Currently, there are only 10 sets of NARUKAMI produced globally.

NARUKAMI intertwines the majesty of nature with human innovation, combining Audio-Technica's expertise - over 60 years of pursuing the purest analog sound – with the transcendent aesthetics of KUROGAKI, an ancient wood (Age 200 years old and above) treasured by Japanese nobles and literati with a rare, ink wash painting-like pattern.

Join us for a curated listening experience only available via appointed time here: https://forms.gle/PKk8QH8ds731mKuY9

The Hi-End Asia Singapore 2023 AV Show is the place to experience this masterful craft of audio equipment. The Audio-Technica AW-KG NARU, along with over 150 brands with various products will be on display from October 6-8th at the Sofitel Hotel City Centre, Singapore.

Tickets are selling fast, so be sure to secure your tickets today, here.

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