This vocal & guitar needs no introduction. Eve Wong's soulful, sultry voice and Billy Ho's emotive yet complementary guitar has graced all our listening rooms since they broke into the scene with the viral cover of P.Ramlee's 'Getaran Jiwa' in 2015.
8 years and 5 albums later they are now the mainstay in our music collection spanning across genres like jazz, pop and evergreen chinese classic songs.


LINION is a Taiwanese artist and singer who specializes in Neo-Soul and R&B. He graduated from the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles and released his debut album Me In Dat Blue in 2018.
He has been nominated for several awards, including the Best R&B Album at the Golden Indie Music Awards.

Ozzy Wong (王闻)

A distinguished male vocalist from Guangzhou, China with a unique vocal texture. In 2011, he unveiled his album, "Man at 40".
Riding on its success, he clinched several accolades in 2012, including the "Chinese Golden Song Award", "Top Ten Chinese Albums", and the "Best Sound Award" from Guangdong Audio-Video City's Audiophile Club.
By 2020, Wang Wen's legacy was further cemented when he received the "My Favorite HIFI Singer" award at the 12th Chinese Golden Song Awards. In 2021, he graced the music scene with his latest masterpiece, "The Real Wang Wen"

Jacintha Abisheganaden

Jacintha Abisheganaden is a Singaporean singer, actress, and theater practitioner who studied at the National University of Singapore and received a degree in arts, majoring in English literature.
She is a founding member of the performance company TheatreWorks. She has released several albums in various genres, such as new wave, jazz, and bossa nova.
She has also acted in many plays and musicals, such as Bumboat, Beauty World, and Forbidden City.


Yao Ying Ge

Yao Ying Ge is a Chinese female mezzo-soprano singer and a top ten fashion designer in Guangdong province.
She has released several albums of high-fidelity songs since 2017, such as "Listen", "Read", "Cantonese" and "Love Shanghai".
She also won the Most Popular Female Singer Award of the 2017 Fever Disc List.
She is known for her warm and mellow voice, which can express a variety of emotions and styles


Oopiib, whose full name is Pacharamon Naphasthanakiet, is a talented singer based in Bangkok, Thailand. She has worked with Impression Sound Studio and has released albums such as "Oopiib Sings Impression 2". This album was produced by Pongpan Channet, Piti Kayoonpan, and Pacharamon Naphasthanakiet himself. 

The songs were written and arranged by Pongpan Channet. Oopiib’s music has been well received, with her song “ต้องมนต์รัก (Magic of Love)” gaining significant views on YouTube.

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