A fellow audiophile who has been sharing his journey into the hobby of music and hifi on social media.

He has been sharing his experiences and insights in his characteristically frank manner which provides a refreshing change for us following along his journey.

Richard H. Mak

Richard was captivated by vinyl since twelve, a passion that defined his social life, complemented by his love for wine.

Richard champions the belief that collective knowledge enhances audio quality and deepens relationships. Audio has connected him with many, motivating his promotion of his audio club.

With a decade in reviewing, Richard is the Analog Editor at Mono & Stereo, Editor-at-large to Part-Time Audiophile and written for TONEAudio and Dagogo.com.

Specializing in analog, he's mastered turntable cartridge setups, creating his bespoke solution, AnalogMagik.

Liu Han Sheng

Mr. Liu Hansheng is a godfather figure in the contemporary Taiwanese audio industry. The magazine "Audio Forum" edited by him not only has an immeasurable influence in Taiwan but also in Asia.
Since its inception in 1988, "Audio Forum" has grown alongside countless music and audio enthusiasts within the country. It is Taiwan's most professional and authoritative Hi-End audio magazine and is also the most influential audio publication in the Chinese-speaking world.

"Audio Forum" monthly edition covers content ranging from in-depth reviews of the latest global audio equipment, audio tuning techniques, introduction to the latest music software, to music like classical and jazz genres, introductions to composers, interviews with famous musicians, encompassing the latest trends in music and audio both domestically and internationally.

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