We are glad you are interested in the upcoming Hi-End Asia Singapore 2023 AV Show. Below are some questions and answers we have compiled to answer your burning questions about our event.  If you have more questions, ask us on our Facebook page, or email directly to michelle@hiendasia.com

    What is the date and location of the exhibition convention?

  • The Hi End Asia Singapore 2023 show will be held from October 6 2023 to October 8 2023 at the Sofitel Hotel City Centre, Singapore!
  • How do I register for the convention, and what are the registration fees?

  • You can register for the event at the ticketing page . There are 3 tickets available. The benefits of each ticket is outlined in the page.
  • What are the AV Show operating hours?

  • The Show will run from 10am to 7pm on Friday and Saturday, and from 10am until 4.30pm on Sunday.
  • Is there a schedule of events or a program agenda available?

  • The Events schedule and program agenda is being finalised as of now. You may follow us on Facebook for updated news!
  • Will there be any keynote speakers or special guests attending?

  • Yes! We are excited with the work we are doing to bring you some talents and guests. Do follow our facebook page for updated news!
  • What are the main themes or topics covered in the AV Show?

  • We will be mainly focusing on the new generation of audio and music consumption, and how HIFI audio can be enjoyed with new technologies such as Lossless Streaming.
  • Can I participate as an exhibitor? How do I book a booth?

  • For exhibitor enquiries, please drop us an email here.
  • What COVID-19 safety measures will be in place to ensure attendees' well-being?

  • To ensure the well-being of our guests, we encourage exhibitors and guests to mask up, and hand sanitizers will be provided at public areas of the event.
  • Is there a dress code for the convention?

  • To respect the prestige of the venue and event, we encourage guests to dress in formal or smart casual clothing.
  • Are there nearby accommodations recommended for international attendees?

  • We encourage guests to book a room at Sofitel Hotel City Centre for your convinience. Click here to learn more,
  • How can I get to the convention venue from the airport or other major transportation hubs?

  • Guests arriving at the hotel by train (MRT) should take the green line and alight at Tanjong Pagar Station. Upon exit at the ticket gantry, please proceed to Tanjong Pagar Centre’s glass elevators for direct access to the hotel on level 5 or you may proceed to Exit A to arrive at the hotel’s arrival lobby located at Peck Seah Street.
  • Will translation services be available for non-English speaking attendees?

  • Unfortunately, there are no plans to provide translation services at this time.
  • Are there any social events or networking opportunities planned during the convention?

  • For VIP ticket holders, the social networking event will be held after the show on Friday night, October 6th 2023.
  • Will there be food and beverages available at the venue?

  • Food and Beverages are available at the venue. We welcome guests to explore the many concept restaurants Sofitel City Centre has at its premises.
  • Can I bring my camera or recording equipment to capture the exhibits and presentations?

  • Yes, photography and videos are allowed during the event. However, it is up to the exhibitors to allow guests to record or photograph their products at their hall and respective rooms.
  • Is there parking available at the convention venue?

  • Guests may explore parking facilities at Guoco Tower Carpark B. Guoco Tower and Sofitel Hotel are both integrated developments and is accessible through both buildings.
  • Are there any specific guidelines or restrictions for bringing in certain items to the convention?

  • We encourage guests to bring their own water bottles to keep hydrated. Folks with pacemakers or other electronic medical implants should be aware of risks of being around high-powered magnetic devices throughout the AV show. Please consult a certified clinician or doctor before attending the event.We encourage guests to bring their own water bottles to keep hydrated. Folks with pacemakers or other electronic medical implants should be aware of risks of being around high-powered magnetic devices throughout the AV show. Please consult a certified clinician or doctor before attending the event.
  • Will there be Wi-Fi available for attendees?

  • We encourage guests to use their own mobile data plans, as Wi-Fi use may be unreliable due to severe congestion.
  • What payment methods are accepted for registration fees, on-site purchases, etc.?

  • We encourage guests to purchase their tickets online for a smooth experience. For walk in purchases, we encourage guests to use Visa PayWave, Google Pay, Samsung Pay or other contactless payment methods. No cash will be collected at the ticketing desk.
  • Is there a lost and found service available at the convention?

  • You may approach our show ushers if you have any missing items.
  • Are there any local attractions or points of interest nearby for leisure activities?

  • The venue is located in between the vibrant Central Business District, Tanjong Pagar, and the historic Chinatown, making it the perfect destination for serious business and leisure. The public transport accessibility allows guests to explore all of Singapore without worrying about timing, or missing out on places.
  • Will there be any discounts or promotions for attendees who register early?

  • Yes! Right now, the Hi-End Asia Singapore 2023 tickets are being sold at discount until September 8th. After that, prices will revert to their normal rates.
  • Are there any recommended pre-convention preparation tips for attendees?

  • As the AV Show will have many people around, we encourage guests to take care of their personal hygiene and mask up, and to wear deodorant. Otherwise, wear clothes which is cooling.
  • How can I contact the organizers if I have additional questions or concerns?

  • If you have any enquires about the Hi-End Asia Singapore 2023 AV Show, you are welcome to drop an email at here.

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